Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Internet Dating

Noooo, not for me, a married Cat Lady, but for Pye! She has reached the magic age of 1 and is an eligible bachelorette.

Cat Man and I think Pye is lonely, understandably. We have four senior cats in our house, and not one is interested in visiting the Pye Palace and getting to know our newest resident feline. 

I've never had to consult the Internet before to adopt a cat in need of a home. Cats have always found their way to Catland, usually via the back door. So I was interested and inspired to discover the excellent, heartwarming descriptions of rescue cats available for immediate adoption.

My eye wandered to the bachelor section of cat shelters' websites, where I found very handsome kitties named Marcel, Frisky, Greg, Lionel, and Lance. I would have adopted any or all of them. Of course I would have, said the Cat Lady.

Something tells me, though, that a kitty will find us before too long, and I will leave Internet dating for another Cat Lady who seeks the perfect match.

Hang tight, Pye. Love may be right around the corner!

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