Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Meow

Just like millions of viewers, I am hooked on "The Voice." My friends Melina and Phenon told me that I would enjoy the show, and do I ever. As my college roommate, Mary, and I remind ourselves often, "What's not to like with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton?" We also cheer for the contestants, and I vouch for getting very animated when all four judges turn their chairs around simultaneously.

The judges' "I Want You" buzzer is what made me realize that we
Cat Ladies could launch a similar show, only ours will be named "The Meow." We hear the voices of homeless cats speaking to us, each in his or her unique way, and we hit the buzzer to profess our love. We adopt the cats on the spot: no prolonged auditions and battle rounds (or territorial turf wars) required.

We tell our own cats every day how much we want, need, and love them, so why not take our collective voices as Cat Ladies to the big stage known as reality TV. Move over, Juan Pablo, and all the bachelors of seasons past. It's time for Team Cat Lady!

"The Meow." Can you hear them now?

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