Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meltingly Perfect Equation

If you like cats, and ice cream, and who doesn't?, and you find yourself in Houston, then you have no choice but to go to Fat Cat Creamery in the Heights.

I had the pleasure yesterday of meeting Sarah Johnston, the owner of the creamery, and we talked about our beloved kitties. Sarah named her thriving business after the feline she had rescued in Minneapolis and who answered to "Fat Cat." Her Fat Cat would have been delighted to visit this charming ice-cream parlor, where Cat's Meow Mexican Vanilla and other feline-titled flavors have people lining up outside the doors. 

I consumed a milkshake for lunch and am still reeling (happily) from the sugar high. The handcrafted ice cream is over-the-top delicious, and the cat-themed decor is tastefully adorable.

Sarah describes herself as a "crazy cat lady," which, in her case, means she screams for ice cream and cats. I can't think of a more perfect equation.

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