Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

While “Snowmageddon” is blanketing the Mid-Atlantic, we’re singing “here comes the sun” in Houston.

Ever since a friend sent me the “business cat” video that I posted on this blog yesterday, I have been thinking about the logistics required for dressing the cat who was clothed in business attire. Who chose the tie–the videographer or the cat?

Watching Lucius this morning sleeping on the top of his cat tree, as close as possible to the sunbeams streaming through the window, made me wonder what he would look like in swim attire. I think Hawaiian-style trunks would suit him, as would Ray-Bans. I would have to get his claws clipped so that he could wear sandals on his hind legs. Because Lucius is our alpha male cat, gladiator sandals would be perfect. I can also see him sipping a gin and tonic when he takes a break from sunbathing.

If you remember my discussion of L.B.’s masculinity, you won’t be surprised by my assessment that he should wear a Speedo.

Query of the Day: Do you believe in “clothes encounters” with your cats?

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