Friday, February 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Saint is mad! The rescue mission went according to plan, and before I knew it, I was cradling Saint in my arms and placing her in a carrier for safe transport. I have spent a lot of time during the past three days trying to find a permanent home for Saint. She is presently living in the designated boarding area at our veterinarian's office, where she is surrounded by abundant affection, and where fresh food and clean water are in constant supply.

So,why is Saint angry at me? Is freedom more important to a stray cat than the intervention of a Cat Lady?

I couldn't help myself when I saw Saint in the early morning hours of February 8. How could I celebrate the Super Bowl victory of my hometown team and prepare to go to the office and gloat about it, all the while leaving a starving cat begging in our front lawn? I read an interesting comment recently by the art critic Roberta Smith, who writes that what is missing in art "is art that seems made by one person out of intense personal necessity, often by hand." I, too, was driven by "intense personal necessity" to help Saint, and although I lack the talent of an artist, it was very easy to offer my hand. I know all Cat Ladies understand.

I also have realized, with this recent rescue, that my mailing list of cat lovers now leads me nowhere. We are all in the same boat. My friends and colleagues have cats already, and their perfect number at home does not allow for another. Ironically, some of the "rejection letters" I have received lift my spirits. One person complimented me greatly by writing, "You are the saint." Another suggested that Saint was lucky to stumble upon me, a Cat Lady waiting in the wings. I love when Saint gets her own fan mail: "You are beautiful, Saint!"

Surely there is a patron saint who will come forward and help Saint soonest!

Query of the Day: What is your perfect number of felines at home?

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  1. Ideally it would be 3, but now that Mia is behaving again after much love and reassuring, 4 seems to work. Of course, it all depends on the square footage--I'd like to have a house big enough for a dozen!