Friday, February 12, 2010

Mistaken Identity

Oh, can I ever relate. Perhaps I give the impression that I watch TV nonstop. Usually what happens after I feed our ten cats is that I turn on the news at 7:00 p.m. Last night my ears perked up, just like a cat’s, when I heard a voice from a commercial exclaim, “Here kitty, kitty.”

The commercial, by Sears Optical, is hilarious. A woman “of a certain age” opens the sliding doors to her house, and she cannot see clearly that she is letting a raccoon, instead of her beloved kitty, inside. The “kitty-coon” sees perfectly and walks confidently into her home, knowing that if a Cat Lady is calling "kitty," then food must be in sight. Sears cleverly reinforces the message that the woman needs eyeglasses on an ASAP basis.

I first learned that I needed eyeglasses while sitting in a dark auditorium during an art-history exam at Wellesley College. The slide that flashed on the faraway screen was of an obscure readymade by Marcel Duchamp, only the artist’s signature apparently was visible at the lower right corner of the work. I did not see the giveaway signature and misidentified the artist.

Even when I don’t wear my eyeglasses, I have no problem distinguishing between cats and raccoons in our backyard. We took care of the cats, who became ours and moved indoors, and we sent the raccoons on their way.

As for me, I am told that no one mistakes my dual identity as an editor and a Cat Lady.

Query of the Day: Have you ever fed your cat's food to a raccoon?

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