Thursday, December 2, 2010

Barbie Vet

When I was a little girl, which was a very, very long time ago, I loved to play with my Barbie dolls. I collected several Barbies, and I enjoyed dressing them in their different (and, now that I think about it, “out there”) outfits. I can’t remember Barbie resembling a career woman, at least based on the wardrobe choices available in the 1960s. There were no power suits back then.

Enter 2010, and here comes Barbie the veterinarian, scrubs and accessories included. My husband and I recently bought Barbie Vet for our niece, whose fraternal twin prefers Thomas the Tank Engine. Getting back to Barbie, what else would a Cat Lady choose as the perfect gift for a four-year-old girl who loves kitty cats?

Barbie Vet is packaged with a plastic kitten who meows on cue. I wonder if I had been given my very own Barbie Vet in my youth, would I have gravitated sooner to a life consumed with cats?

Query of the Day: What do you think of Barbie Vet?

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