Friday, December 31, 2010

To All the Cats I've Loved Before

I never dreamed, way back when in 2000, that by the year 2010, I would be living with ten cats. I also never imagined that I would have the privilege of rescuing another seven cats, or that I would reunite a lost cat with his owner, or that I would introduce a cat in need to a couple that did not know they needed a cat to complete their perfect family.

During the past ten years, I have relied on a simple mathematical formula: One person rescues one cat equals magic, fireworks, connections! There is nothing like the warm body of a cat to bring comfort during the cold, and there is nothing like the cool sensibility of a cat to warm the heart.

To all the cats I’ve loved before—and with apologies to Julio Iglesias—I’m yours!

Here’s to another feline-filled year.

Query of New Year’s Eve: Do you plan to expand your feline family in 2011?

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