Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great Expectations

The look in his eyes said it all: I found my forever home.

This is a heartwarming tale about a cat named Bleu, and I like to think that Charles Dickens might be smiling in heaven when he reads my version of Great Expectations.

I first met Bleu this past February, shortly after I rescued a stray cat whom I named Saint (for the Super Bowl-champion New Orleans Saints: Go Saints Go!). Dr. O.’s clinic generously agreed to let me board Saint until she was adopted. Every day after work I visited Saint, who was perched in her “cage/suite” above Bleu’s. There I was, cooing over Saint and working with her to rebuild her trust in humans, and there was Bleu, rattling the door of his cage as if to ask: Will you take care of me, too?

Saint was adopted within a month, and as I returned to Dr. O.’s clinic regularly during the spring and summer and fall to purchase Lucius’s much-needed meds (kitty Prozac, anyone?), I noticed that Bleu was always there, looking forlornly at me.

So when this December rolled around, I thought I would try to make Bleu's Christmas dream come true. My friend and colleague Emily happened to mention that she and her family were fostering a stray cat. I had to pounce. I suggested to Emily that if she was ever interested in adopting a cat for her two sons, I knew of an orphan who desperately needed a home. And several weeks later, Emily writes with absolute authority that Bleu—renamed Blue to reflect her and her husband's long-standing Texas roots—is resting very comfortably while “negotiating” territory with their Corgi. I was not surprised to learn that Blue responds to affection and is so appreciative of attention. Apparently, he likes to tickle the ivories, too.

I love this photo of Blue leaving Dr. O.’s clinic to embark on his next stage of life. He has great expectations of his future, and I am a grateful Cat Lady for the kindness shown to him.

Merry Christmas to all kitties and Cat Ladies, and to all a good night!

Query of Christmas Eve: Blue, can you play "Blue Christmas" for me?

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  1. This is such a touching story for Christmas. Good work and good cheer this Holiday Season!