Friday, September 21, 2012

Staring Down the Competition

What were the odds that E.L. James—yes, that E.L. James—would be signing copies in Houston of her hugely successful books on the same night that a Cat Lady was signing copies of her debut book, Cat Lady Chronicles?

I am not angry with the Master Scheduler of Book-Signings. It’s good to face the competition head-on. I was very grateful to be hosted by Jeanne Jard and Mike Jones at the River Oaks Bookstore, where I was delighted to meet a hard-core group of Cat Ladies. Each has a soft spot in her heart for felines, and, as was the case at The MFAH Shop, I loved signing copies for their cats.

And, for those in search of something slightly naughty, well, there are two naked ladies in my book. Tastefully and artistically naked, that is. Here is Félix Vallotton’s Laziness (La Paresse), a woodcut dated 1896, from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Query of the Day: Coming soon, Sexy Shades of White Cats?

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