Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank you, Houston!

Yes, I’m sure “It’s Good to Be the King,” but I can report—with a certain degree of authority—that it’s good to be a Cat Lady today!

Thank you, Houston, for launching Cat Lady Chronicles. We had a terrific turnout for this past Saturday’s program, when Cat Ladies and Cat Men dodged torrential rain to pledge their allegiance to cats.

I want especially to thank Marco Jellinek, my publisher, at Officina Libraria, and my distribution team at the Antique Collectors’ Club: John Brancati, Sudha Dunienville, Jennifer Burch, and Patrick Kanaley. It has been a great privilege  collaborating with them to tell my story, which, in turn, is already prompting people to share their tales of their beloved cats.

I wasn’t at all surprised to inscribe so many books in the names of caregivers’ cats. I hope JoJo and Mr. Whiskers and Gracie and many others are enjoying a gentle read as I write. Needless to say, I assured Lucius that he remains Number 1 and gave him the first signed copy of my book. Did I have a choice?

Finally, I was particularly grateful for the comment that one young woman made when she approached me to sign a copy of her book. I am paraphrasing here: “I used to be embarrassed to call myself a Cat Lady, but you have given me a brand-new perspective.”

Photo credit: © 2012 JIH

Query of the Day: Have you shared your “I love cats” testimonial with me yet? It's time!

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