Thursday, April 4, 2013

Puppy Love

Has the Cat Lady switched allegiances after all these years? Not exactly, but I am barking up a different tree today. Please don’t tell Lucius et al.!

As I’ve commented before, I also love dogs, and I can’t resist recommending a wonderful new book, Newborn Puppies: Dogs in Their First Three Weeks, by Traer Scott. This book is a chart-buster already and guaranteed to be a perennial best-seller:

Who doesn’t adore puppies? Who doesn’t appreciate soulful images of animals in their infancy? Ms. Scott has hit on a winning combination, which is not to imply that her photographs are formulaic. On the contrary. She has the artist’s unique eye and an unwavering sympathy for her subject.

I was very privileged to be the recipient of Ms. Scott’s kind words about Cat Lady Chronicles. When I embarked on my journey to write about my cats, I was like a newborn puppy, eager for validation. Ms. Scott offered encouragement when she read some early chapters of the book, and ultimately she provided a blurb that was published on the book's back cover. I remain grateful for her endorsement. 
You heard it from the Cat Lady: Paws up for puppy love!

Query of the Day: Will you ask your cat's permission to bring Newborn Puppies into your home?

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