Monday, April 22, 2013

The Lil Bub Bandwagon

All Aboard! And, I’m on it!

I finally caught up with Lil Bub in real-time via the “Today” show yesterday morning. True to form, the “perma-kitty” was unbelievably adorable, and I found myself wondering if she and my very own “Mr. Peanut” would enjoy comparing notes on the many plus signs of being so small.

Unlike Lil Bub, Mr. Peanut, whose given name is Linus, has teeth and has been known to bite (playfully) if he is not getting his way. But this kind of naughty behavior occurs rarely, because when you are as cute as Mr. Peanut, life tends to go your way.

Mr. Peanut's petite “Lil Cat Lady” would not have it any other way.

Mr. Peanut turned 10 recently, yet every time I look at him, I still see the darling face of a 7-month-old stray kitten—a kitten who was desperate to get off the street and move into our home. He has never stepped outdoors since, though I am tempted to facilitate a meeting with Lil Bub. Have you, too, noticed that the most-wonderful creatures often arrive in the tiniest forms imaginable?

Query of the Day: Should Lil Bub and Mr. Peanut check out each other at GoToMeeting?

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