Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Miss You More

I rarely travel for museum business, but an opportunity emerged recently and it was time for me to don my winter apparel (which barely sees the light of day) and head to New Jersey, New Haven, and New York. On my return flight home, I decided to flip through the Skymall catalog. Yes, only serious, intellectual reading for this Cat Lady in transit.

I can't remember the name of the vendor that specializes in "I Love You More" memorabilia in various shapes and sizes. I wondered if I should compete with "I Miss You More" plaques, because I believe my cats would buy them, if they had spare change, and would display them prominently upon my reentry at Catland.

Who missed me more while I was gone? Did Pye miss my dangling a feathered wand in front of her tiny face? Did Lydia miss my calling her "Richard"? (It's a long story.) Did Leo miss hearing me say, "it's time for the iPad"?

It's all silly, yet sentimental, stuff, and the list goes on for the daily rituals that sustain the cats and me. The simple truth is that I missed them more than they will ever know.

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