Friday, February 14, 2014

Stairway to Heaven

I wonder if L.B. has already reunited with Lucius.

Thinking about these two extraordinary cats seeing each other again brings me comfort during a distressing time. L.B.'s sudden death this past Monday was a punch in the stomach, a true shock to the system. To take my mind off the reality of losing L.B., I keep imagining Lucius greeting him on the proverbial stairway to heaven. Surely Lucius exclaimed, "Hey, Dude."

For L.B. was our dude kitty, a nickname that Heather's husband, Mark, bestowed on him many years ago. The dude description stuck, and L.B. wore it well, because he never failed to show his appreciation for typically guy things. L.B. liked the Super Bowl and snacks, curling up on the sofa and doing his best imitation of a couch potato. He was a Texas Longhorns loyalist to the end. Most of all, L.B. liked the ladies. And this Cat Lady was absolutely crazy about him.

Dear L.B., it was our great privilege to rescue you eleven years ago and to stand by your side ever since. We had no idea you were so ill, and that you were living with an incurable disease. Your stoicism, dignity, and loving heart will not be forgotten.  

Rest in peace, our beloved CFO.

L.B., CFO, Dude Kitty

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