Sunday, February 2, 2014

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

I don't have a horse in today's Super Bowl race. The Houston Texans were pathetic this year, and my original hometown team, the New Orleans Saints, was eliminated weeks ago. But I'll be cheering for Peyton Manning, because he is a fellow native of New Orleans, and I always root for the "old guy." I hear he has reached the ripe age of 37.

I can't promise to watch every pre-game minute leading up to the Super Bowl. There is some serious competition, Cat Ladies. Touchdown, tabbies and torties, it's time for you and your fellow felines on the gridiron to show us what you've got:

Let's get ready to rumble and tumble with the most photogenic starting lineup in the world. The NFL can only dream of drafting such acrobatic powerhouses as kittens.

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