Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apps for Cat Ladies

I couldn’t miss the full-page ad that Apple ran in the New York Times this weekend. The ad featured some of the newest and spiffiest apps for ringing in this first month of the next decade of the new millennium.

I need to meet someone who can help me develop what I think will make a great app. It’s called the Catnapp©, and here’s the drill.

Find a stray cat and point your iPhone camera toward streets in your neighborhood. The Catnapp© will quickly identify a Cat Lady who will rescue the cat. Just imagine: All of this activity unfolds on your handheld screen.

I rescued Lucius, cat No. 1 (in more ways than one), before the iPhone even existed. We were meant for each other, so the Catnapp© would not have been useful in this special case. But I am convinced that technology and Cat Ladies can make beautiful music together.

Query of the Day: Have you downloaded tens, hundreds, or thousands of pictures of your cats?

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