Friday, January 22, 2010

The Ultimate Workout

I am lucky that I have never battled a weight problem, but the arrival of late middle age (which sounds so medieval!) has brought new challenges. I am referring to the upper-arm area. There are many best-selling fitness books offering advice on the most effective way to improve this often flabby body part. But I don’t need to read a book to get into shape. I have found my own, 10-pound solution.

Just try lifting two, 10-pound bags of Tidy Cats litter sacks simultaneously. I used to go easy on this routine, carrying one bag at a time, from the trunk of my car to inside our house and the garage apartment, up the stairs to the rooms where the litter boxes cannot be missed.

Now I walk with my shoulders back, my head held high, and with one hand clasping a bag packed with long-lasting odor control litter, and the other hand clutching a bag filled with immediate odor control litter. I buy six bags a week to change the eight boxes used by our ten cats, and you can do the math. This makes for a lot of heavy lifting.

With all due respect to our nation's First Lady, this Cat Lady says, “move over Michelle Obama." Thanks to my ongoing Tidy Cats routine, I will be baring toned arms this summer.

Query of the Day: Do your cats like to watch your workouts?

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