Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

…but my purrsonal space heaters kept me very warm and cozy last night. I’m blogging from Houston, Texas, where the meteorologists are famous for referring to the seasons here as “summer” and “not summer.” Heaps of blankets, six cats, and a husband protected me from the arctic blast. Last night was painful, though, for a different reason. The Texas Longhorns did not win the national championship title game against Alabama’s Crimson Tide.

Yes, this Cat Lady loves sports, and before the dawn of the new millennium, I was a fanatic about football and basketball. The past ten years, however, became the Decade of the Cat.

Our three orange tabbies—Lucius, Leo, and Linus—aka “the Orange Boys,” did everything in their power to cheer the Longhorns (the team that bleeds orange) on to victory. But winning eluded the Longhorns’ grasp. Now, just in case anyone from the great state of Alabama is reading this blog, shame on you for running up the score last night.

Query of the Day: Is there such a thing as “unsportsmanlike conduct” for a Cat Lady?

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