Friday, January 15, 2010

A Loaded Question

There is nothing like a “drive-thru” for saving time, except for when the person at the other end of the intercom poses a question that puzzles the driver in the drive-thru lane. Such was my fate this morning.

I needed to pick up a prescription at Walgreens, and all I expected to hear was my grand total. Instead, the booming voice, the “Wizard of Walgreens,” inquired: “Are you related to Lucius?”

It turns out that I am not in the Walgreens system, but Lucius has his own prescription card because he is diabetic. The search by last name had revealed only one first name, that of Lucius, and the billing record for his insulin.

Am I related to him? That is such a loaded question. I am his caregiver, his guardian, his mother, and, of course, his Cat Lady. In his mind, as I have been told by our veterinarian, I am his wife.

Was the Wizard of Walgreens ready to hear my conflicted response, especially so early in the morning? The driver behind me starting to honk his horn, and I elected to keep my response brief.

“Yes, I am related to Lucius,” I said, with a satisfied smile on my face.

Query of the Day: Is your cat "in the system"?

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