Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cat Ladies of the World, Unite!

Even though I haven’t lived in New York City for 27 years, I can’t begin a Sunday morning without reading the New York Times. And during the holidays, I caught up with a hefty stack of the Times' newspapers and its magazine sections while surrounded by our six cats. My husband and I also have four other cats, and they enjoy living in our garage apartment.

I love the sheer pleasure of reading, and it’s rare that seeing something in print enrages me. I get angry when I watch TV. But a certain phrase jumped off the magazine page and made me mad: What is the “cat-lady stigma”?!

What does that mean questioned the editor trapped inside a cat-lady’s body? Or is the cat lady trapped inside of the editor’s body?

Anyway, the magazine article was about the well-known cookbook editor and author Judith Jones. You might know her from the delightful film Julie & Julia. In 1960, Ms. Jones gave the green light to a then-unknown author, Julia Child, and her Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Ms. Jones has authored a new cookbook, The Pleasures of Cooking for One. The NY Times writes: “every dish begets several sensual meals, none of which have the cat-lady stigma of single suppers thanks to Jones’s wisdom and gracious cheer.”

I can’t take this sitting down. All of us who are cat ladies know that we can dine out with the best of them. Although a good portion of our lives as cat ladies is devoted to opening cans of wet cat food and digging measuring cups into bags of dry cat food, that doesn’t mean we’re ill at ease eating with human beings. Right?

What's my No. 1 New Year's Resolution?

Cat Ladies of the World, Unite!

Query of the Day: When you eat at home, do you set places for your cats at the kitchen counter or at the dining table?


  1. You go, Cat Lady! Our cats have trained us to feed them any time, any place, on command...

  2. Congratulations to the blog. As a life-long cat man, I am amazed by the dog-matic, biased, ignorance out "there!"

  3. I am here with you in NOLA with five kitties. Hubby went collecting and sponsoring thousands after Katrina so we have touched quite a few. I only dine on pates and fish ( Or occasionally some Popeye's) with a couple of my own - as for the most part, they do not like people food.