Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crazy or Not?

Editors are often teased for being finicky people. We stare at sentence structures and pick apart phrases. We focus obsessively on word choices. I have thought a good deal about the necessity of using the preposition “for” when lining up the words “crazy” and “cat” and “lady” and then promptly rearranging them.

I like to think I have ladylike manners. It’s true that I have a lot of cats. In fact, one of my ten cats, Lucius, was diagnosed as being a paranoid schizophrenic. Our veterinarian says that he is simply crazy. There has to be a distinction between a crazy cat and a lady who is crazy “for” cats. I adore Lucius “for” all of his idiosyncrasies and mood swings, and mostly for his deep empathy and passion. Had I never met him, now ten years ago, I would have continued on my orderly, well-scripted path of life.

Query of the Day: Are you “for” or “against” the “crazy” terminology when used to describe a cat lady?

1 comment:

  1. I have never heard of sz in a cat- I have a rescue ( left with the house after the garage sale was over and the owner moved away) and brian disorder might explain how she is bitey cat one minute and lets me stroke her in another...
    nice blog, Diane- keep up the great works!